Make Fitness Fit In- How the busy Mom can stay in shape

So you are a busy mother with tons of chores to do all day and you can’t find time to workout but you want to get in shape and stay in shape. Well I have learned how to turn my daily routines into fat burning exercises by maximizing my movements. Instead of shying away from tiring chores I gladly welcome them and take them on with joy and vigor. When I clean my house I make sure that I burn hundreds of calories in the process. When I play with my son I run, jump and get my heart rate up so that I can shed those extra unwanted pounds. Keeping weight off does not mean that you have to clear hours of your schedule to fit a good workout in. Instead turn your other necessary, daily tasks into a high intensity workout. Not only will you be burning calories, but your house will be cleaner, family will be happier and you might just find you enjoy your daily chores a whole lot more when they really count for something. Dont be a Mom that gives up and lets yourself go but dont stay fit at the expense of quality family time. Burn Calories, Lose weight and save time with these few helpful hints and ideas from the master of multitasking.