Welcome To “The Fit Mom Life” With Crystal Lewis!! Health & Fitness For Moms…

Welcome to The Fit Mom Life!

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Hello my name is Crystal Lewis. I am a mother, personal trainer and workout enthusists! I want to welcome you to my YouTube channel!

I have been involved in fitness for over 20 years and truly have a passion for it. Over the years have developed an even bigger passion for sharing what I know and helping others to achieve their fitness and health goals.

Becoming a successful personal trainer and fitness instructor has been a couple of my proudest achievements until something happened in my life much bigger and rewarding. I am talking about when I became a mom!

But becoming a mom did not take away my love for fitness. Yes, it changed some things but no matter what challenges arose I would never stop my desire for being a fit mom. I’ve seen so many women throw in the towel when it comes to fitness after becoming a mom when they don’t have to.

This is why I started this channel. To show that you can still be healthy and fit while raising a family.
On this channel you will discover:

Personal training tips
Weight loss tips
Exercise tips
Fitness product reviews
How to be fit in your 40’s
And more.

So, Welcome To The Fit Mom Life