♡ Shiba Inu Nail Art ♡

♡ Shiba Inu Nail Art ♡
So sorry for this super delayed “Happy New Year” (๑⁺д⁺๑) Today I’m back with this Shiba Inu Nail Art – Shiba Inu is a type of dog from Japan. I hope you guys are having a great kick start to the new year! Thank you for watching (๑′ᴗ‵๑)♡

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If you decide to recreate my designs, please tag me (@nailbees) and add #nailbees so that I can find them!! 😀

☆☆ Things I Used In This Video ☆☆
☆ Nail Polishes ☆
– Peel-off Base Coat :UNT Cosmetics | http://www.shopunt.com/eng/
– Strawberry Milk, Chiquita Banana, See U Later Alligator : Indigo Nails | https://www.indigo-nails.com/en,index.html
– Matte Top Coat, No Wipe Top Coat : Ugly Duckling Nails Australia | https://uglyducklingnailsaustralia.com/

☆ Tools and Equipment ☆
– Makeup Sponge : Woolworths
– Nail Art Brushes : Nailbees

☆ Acrylic Paint ☆
– White, Brown, Yellow, Black, Aqua, Pink, Red (from Liquitex, Jo Sonja’s, or Chromacryl)

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