The perfect manicure is must-have for every girl who wants to look flawless. It doesn’t matter if you prefer basic polish, shellac or gel we prepared a collection of manicure tips you will love to try. Besides, millennials will also love this video as it’s full of various designs that are so easy to make.
Let’s start from the tutorial on how to create a multicolored stripped effect on your nails using dental floss. Start from covering your nails with a base coat. Choose the colors you like and create stripes using dental floss. Watch the full tutorial.
Another nail art idea is ridiculously easy! Cover the nails with a white base coat. Let dry. Put some black nail polish on your finger and roll your finger across your nail.
The next idea is truly crazy! Fluffy nails look very cute and will surprise all your family and friends! You will need fluffy powder and nail polish of a similar color. Put powder into the container. Apply the nail polish and while it’s still wet, place your nails into powder.
We know how to easily fix a broken nail! All you need is a tea bag and clear nail polish. Cut a tea bag into small squares. Cover the nail with clear nail polish and place a piece of this bag over the wet nail polish. Apply another coat of clear nail polish. Allow to dry and correct the form. Cover with any nail polish you like.
If you are out if red nail polish but need to look flawless at night, we know what to do! You can make nail polish at home using old eyeshadow and clear nail polish. Watch this video and find easy tips on how to use ordinary items like rubber bands to create a perfect French manicure!

00:15 Multicolor manicure
01:41 Marble nail art
02:43 Velvet nail
03:02 Nail stamping designs
04:10 Gradient manicure
08:22 Nail art with hearts

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