DIY 3D Nail Art – Ice Cream Ombre Nail Design

What’s a better way to start the summer off than with a super cute ice cream cone nail design. I love the soft pastel ombre. For this nail design I did a three color ombre with 3D acrylic ice cream cone. This design was inspired by Amenesty Nails. She does amazing “ice cream” acrylic nails. Her beautiful work definitely inspired me to give it a try.

Nail Design Inspired by Amnesty Nails

Products Used:
Nail Tips:
Alpha Brush #8 Acrylic Brush: (code: LongHair10 for 10% off)
Crystal Dappen Dish:
ASP Bonding Acrylic Liquid (Monomer):
Cabana Acrylic:
Glow with Me Acrylic:
Clear Acrylic:
Natural Pink:
Bare White Acrylic:
Poochiez Nails Super Shine gel topcoat:
48W Sun UV/LED Nail Lamp:

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LHPN Clear Acrylic:
LHPN Natural Pink Acrylic:
Nailfie Glass Diamond:

Alpha Brush (code: LongHair10 for 10% off):

Red Iguana Silicon Practice Hand:
10% off coupon code: lhpn

New Camera (Sony FDR-AX53):
Old Camera (Sony HDR CX440):
SanDisk 128 GB 4K SD card:

Nail Art:
Nail Art Supplies:

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