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Meditation is something that any of us can and should do. There is no great mystery to the practice of meditation, it is for everyone and we will all benefit from practicing it. Meditation put very simply means the ability to concentrate on one thing for a period of time

8 tips for beginners to meditation.

Getting started.

1. A Clear clean space.

When meditating a clear and clean space will leave it more balanced and open. Always meditate in a room in which you feel relaxed and comfortable. Make sure there is fresh air to help calm the space, some people also like a lit candle and incense.

2. Get comfortable.

If sitting cross legged with a dead straight back and poised yoga fingers feels uncomfortable for you, don’t worry meditation is not about putting your body through torture. It is far better to sit in as comfortable a position for you. You will find it much easier when you feel comfortable.

3. Body check.

Take a few moments to settle in to your body. Observe your posture, and notice the sensations where your body touches the chair and feet meet the ground. Feel the weight of your arms resting on your legs.

4. time your meditation.

If the recommended 20 minutes seems a bit much for you at this stage, set a timer for five minutes. Meditate until the timer goes off. This way, you don’t have to wonder about how long it’s been, or how much longer you should meditate for. Over time you can progress to longer sessions. Meditation is about quality not quantity, don’t get hung up on feeling you have to meditate for very long periods of time for it to be effective.

5. Observe your breath.

In the first stage you can use counting to stay focused on the breath. After the out-breath you count one, then you breathe in and out and count two, and so on up to ten, and then you start again at one.

6. Hold your attention.

While doing this, it’s completely normal for thoughts to be racing from thought to thought. What are we having for dinner, I need to call so and so, can I return that gift? You don’t need to do anything- just guide your attention back to the breath. If you can remember the number you’d counted up to, start again from there, or simply start from one again. Continue until the alarm goes off, turn down it’s volume so as not to shock you out of your relaxed state.

7. Wish yourself well.

A common technique in Buddhist practice is to practice loving kindness meditation. You can practice this on anybody including, on yourself, someone you don’t get on with, or a neutral person you pass daily, or a dear friend. Turn your attention to that person and say words like May I/they be well and happy. May I/they be peaceful and calm. May my/their mind be free from hatred. May I/they be free from suffering. Repeat as desired.

8. Before you finish.

Spend 30 seconds to a minute just sitting and thinking about nothing. Let those thoughts come in, and watch them go out. Don’t rush back into whatever it is you need to do. Just take your time, slow your pace, and let it be. Remember, you’re the expert on you. Find the things that work for you, and ignore the rest.

The Sounds of Nature are perfect for the practice of meditation. This link is to a playlist of nature sound videos for you to select the ones that suit you best in your meditation practice:- https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqHtR-iQm26VrnHsJzw-b-X6PRLKlcCiU

8 Hours of soothing birdsong, relax with these peaceful sounds of nature from an Irish woodland:-

8 Hours of the calming sound of water flowing in a peaceful Mountain River:-

8 Hours beside a mountains river or by the lakeshore with the tranquil relaxing sound of water and birdsong:-

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