1 Hour of Epic 4K Sunrises & Sunset Scenes + Nature Sounds: Golden Hour in Paradise (No Music, UHD)

MUSIC VERSION @ https://youtu.be/4L2lry1_fZY | BUY @ https://www.naturerelaxation.com/products/golden-hour-relaxation-1hr-pure-relaxation-dynamic-film-in-4k | WATCH ON-DEMAND @ https://watch.naturerelaxation.com/new-releases-by-david-huting/videos/golden-hour-in-paradise-1-hr-dynamic-film-no-music-pure-relaxation-series | ABOUT: This 1-hour long epic 4K UHD video collage just nature sounds sweeps viewers from one golden moment in paradise to the next. Viewers will travel to the corners of the earth on a Nature Relaxation journey par excellence – from mystic mountains to soothing seas, this film has a little piece of paradise for everyone:) It is paired with stereo nature sounds for an extra level of immersion, and the visuals have been carefully crafted to create an uninterrupted relaxation experience throughout. MORE INFORMATION / LOCATION SHOWN:

MUSIC VERSION @ https://youtu.be/4L2lry1_fZY | #FridayStressRelief

Locations Included In this Film: Caribbean, Tahiti, Fiji, Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Canada, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, Norway, Italy, Australia, Washington, California’s Big Sur & San Diego.

ABOUT THE FOOTAGE: All footage was filmed by team Nature Relaxation, with the majority of the footage by David Huting, as well as Noel Thomas, Peter Schneider, & Stefan Zimmerman. Filmed on the DJI Inspire2, Phantom 4 Pro, and Mavic 2 Pro drones plus the Sony A7RII, A9 and Canon 1-DC.

ABOUT THE MUSIC: Music is by the amazing YT channel “Music For Body & Spirit”. Check them out @ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfVJ_-zdASq6HR-ocI8yTww

ABOUT THE PURE RELAXATION SERIES: A new series designed specifically for patient care and healing environments, these films feature ultra-engaging scenery that changes more rapidly than our standard dynamic films. All scenes that might cause uneasiness have been removed, and the music is at consistent levels – and all footage was shot in 4K Ultra High Definition, thus creating the perfect “Pure” relaxation experience, especially for sensitive patients.

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