2 Hours of Ocean Waves, Nature Sounds for Relaxation, Meditation: “A Day in Big Sur” Remastered [4K]

Transport your senses to the rugged yet exquisitely beautiful Big Sur coast of California to relax & absorb the healing sights and sounds of McWay Falls from a unique and rare perspective. Filmed more than a decade ago and remastered for maximum color and quality, “A Day in Big Sur” showcases the timeless beauty of this magical destination and attempts to truly capture the spirit of this natural paradise through the use of 50+ artistically framed video perspectives – all featuring real stereo nature sounds for an immersive & signature Nature Relaxation™ experience. MORE INFO:

Filmed in 2008 by David Huting on the Canon 5D Mark II and upscaled from HD to 4K for maximum quality.

*NOTE* It is illegal to hike down to the beach where McWay Falls flows onto, because it is very dangerous to climb down. In fact, I almost slipped to my death when hiking out due to a tripod coming loose from my backpack – AND I did get a $400 ticket from the local park ranger as well. So please do not attempt to climb down – rather, watch this video instead!!