4K Virtual Hike Through a Sun-Lit Forest – (Nature Sounds) Bear Ridge Trail, Issaquah WA

Take a virtual hike through a sun-lit forest along the Bear Ridge Trail near Issaquah. Explore this beautiful area and relax! Enjoy the views of the moss-covered trees and lush ferns. You will hear the lovely birds singing at the beginning of the hike, sounds of the footsteps and peaceful forest sounds. Use this walking video as a wonderful 4K TV Screensaver and stay connected to nature whenever you want.

Video from: Bear Ridge Trail, Issaquah, Washington State, USA
Video resolution: 4K UHD
Video type: virtual forest hike

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BeNeFiTs of this 4K virtual hike:
► Stay productive at work and bring nature into your space.
► Explore the natural wonders of Washington State
► Improve the quality of your SLEEP!
► Connect with nature in daily life
► Forget about stress and worries

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