20 MIN HOME HIIT WORKOUT 💦 (no equipment, no jumping, no noise)

We’re back with another no equipment, no jumping, no noise workout! I designed this so you can HIIT IT anywhere, anytime 🤗Get my NEW home workout + nutrition plans at: http://theteamplans.com/ 💫💛

10 exercises / 2 rounds
30 seconds ON / 30 seconds OFF

Single leg prisoner squat (left side)
Single leg prisoner squat (right side)
Quadruped pull to push up
Gliding kickback (left side)
Gliding kickback (right side)
Cross-country push
Low skater
Ski climber
Up & over slam
Knee tuck to tabletop

…then REPEAT!!!

If you make it through both rounds, great! If you make it through one or even just part of a round, something is better than nothing and you have something to work towards for next time 🤗

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