No first love for wedding rings | EMF | Shinji

Getting rid of old habits isn’t simple
Cigarettes tastes better in winters
You had a star so close you left for something that would twinkle
My head still turns when I walk past your window
Shit! I’m even nervous when I write for you
Better half gone now I’m trying to be twice as good
Love is sacrifice I’ll never be alive with you
I let you go cause you were in his arms and smiling too
Our relationship was hell and I’m glad that you were saved
I put a beat on loop with nothing new to say
I’m just like every other rapper, I chose a different way
Celebrations every night cause I made it through the day
Put me to the test you had to rush later
Only judged the answer, you never saw my rough paper
You laugh like a Buddha and that glow is recent
Apologies I couldn’t be the reason

You took a chance with me I tried to be the best
I learned a lot of things I was an educated guess
I’m glad you left me, you don’t deserve this writer
If I was you even I’d pick someone nicer
A promise of forever I’m just honouring my oath
You don’t deserve a guy with confidence this low
We loved playing as kids she grew up and found better things
Her rules, no first love for wedding rings
So let me sing let me drink when you’re getting hitched
Went for fishes in the sea found the one amongst many friends
Gave away my heart you kept it for your needs
Now I’m stealing someone else’s just so I can breathe
But what’s breathing got to do with love, I love you
Till the time these premonitions of my past leave my visuals
But if you ever need a shoulder to cry for anything
Remember why no first love for wedding rings

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Lyrics – EMF
Instagram – @anmolga_and
Music – Shinji
Instagram – @watashiwashinji
Mix/Master – Keyur Raut
Instagram – @no.name.too.fire

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