YARING PLATERO Video 158 – Wedding Rings Client with Referral (Description below)

1) 14k 12 grams yellow and white gold combination with 7pcs 0.03ct diamonds.. Php44,065
2) 14K 15 grams yellow and white gold combination.. Php44,578

YARING PLATERO Contact details:
E-mail: yaringplatero999@gmail.com
Landline: +63-2- 8061427
Mobile: +63- 9075615108
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/yaringplaterobenchjeweler/

The Principled Bench Jeweler.
Jewelry makers today are almost the same in technology. They practice the easy process of jewelry manufacturing like Auto cad designing, wax molding and casting. Some of them also misrepresent their product as handmade. Other manufacturers are by the machine like mass production of hollow jewelry, which is very light in weight and easy to break or damage. Customers are not aware of the difference between the Real Handcrafted Jewelry versus mass production. For them, it doesn’t matter about the craftsmanship as long as it is pawnable and cheaper. On the other hand, there are also clients who are still looking for the Solid Gold Jewelry with an Authentic Craftsmanship, especially with the kind of Jewelry that can be inherited by the next generation of our family. Those are made by the Bench Jewelers. But, Bench Jewelers also have different styles in making jewelry. Not all Bench Jeweler who makes jewelry by handcrafting are with the same technology. As respect to the other Bench Jewelers, make Yaring Platero your last option to inquire with.

YARING PLATERO is a Family Skilled Bench Jeweler who maintains Workmanship Standards, especially with the process of Gold Melting and Alloying. YP accepts one at a time client, not comparing or competing with other jewelers. YP is also a trainer who conducts one on one training for Gold and Silver Jewelry making and Repairing Techniques.

YP is a small bench jeweler, not a jewelry store or a jewelry company.

Choose your right jeweler.
Usual method: Bench Jeweler ➡ Middlemen ➡ Customer
Yaring Platero: Bench Jeweler ➡ Customer

*Accepts Jewelry Made to Order such as:
1. Engagement rings
2. Wedding rings
3. Earrings and pendants
4. Bracelets and Necklaces
5. Personalized jewelry
1. YP makes jewelry for a client’s needs as custom made, not by chasing clients.
2. YP is not a jewelry consultant for doubting clients, cheap gold finder and the lowballers.
3. Create your own design, set an appointment and visit YP with no obligation.
4. YP has No misleading offers and advertisements. A Legit Jeweler is the jewelry maker not the middlemen.
5. YP is a Bench Jeweler with no gold, no diamonds and no jewelry samples. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DrnLCX_skc&t=122s at 0:13. But if client’s needs, it is YP’s job to make a High-end Handcrafted Gold and Diamond Jewelry for already 25 years.
6. Inquire with jewelry that fits from your budget, not by low balling. An honest conversation is a good deal with YP even for the lowest budget of jewelry. James 5:12 ESV
7. YP’s price is competitive but not competing for the cheapest price. Price of gold jewelry is always base from the World Market. No such thing as cheap gold jewelry, even the machine made are also expensive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfTex8bmtbI&t=673s 13.51.
8. To deal with YP is not by risk-taking. YP has no interest in anyone’s gold and diamonds. YP has no gold and diamonds but YP makes Million Dollar worth of Gold and Diamond Jewelry with No pressure. Acts 20:33-35 NIV, Hebrews 13:5 ESV
9. YP is not using other places or countries as jewelry trademark to convince clients. There’s no such thing as U.S gold, Saudi gold, Japan gold or Italy gold, whatsoever. Note: No countries indicated for Gold and Silver in the Periodic Table of Elements. The quality of gold jewelry depends with the manufacturer, not by the country, and Jeweler’s location is not a justification for jewelry authenticity.
10. YP’s YouTube presentations of raw materials before melting, are proof that the jewelry he made is properly alloyed with the right metal combination. Not by alloying with other elements to enlarge gold, so they can sell it cheaper.
11. YP is not a buyer or a price consultant for any gold or pieces of jewelry from the treasure hunters. Don’t waste both times.
12. Even the righteous they had bashers, but there’s no negative feedback in doing the right things. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvNLk36JuO4&t=858s
13. Note: YP’s writings is about the difference of Jewelry Quality and the Jewelers Technology. Not about his English grammar.

* YP’s Jewelry Repair while you wait:
1. Ring resizing
2. Stone setting and re-setting
3. Broken jewelry soldering
4. Yellow gold, rose gold and white gold plating.

YP’s Write-up, Exhibit and TV interview
* Livelihood write-up JOBFinder Magazine. Feb.16,2001
* SM Megatrade Highest Sales Award. Nov 2005.
* ABS-CBN Kabuhayang Swak na Swak Nov.21,2010

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