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Athletic Shoe Lacing Tutorial: Lock Lacing – Offset Lacing – Increasing Forefoot Width Lacing

Dr Jenny Sanders of FDFAC in San Francisco, presents tutorial on how to properly lace your running shoes for optimal performance. This tutorial covers: Lock Lacing for Heel Slippage, Offset Lacing for Top of Foot Bump, Increasing Forefoot Width for Bunions and Wide Forefoot.

Financial District Foot & Ankle Center’s state of the art Gait Lab utilizes HP Cosmos Running Machine, HP Cosmos Paramotion Video Analysis System and Tek Scan’s F-Scan to help athletes perform at their true potential. The experience gathered since 1990, has also provided knowledge that transfers to helping children and the general public. At FDFAC, you don’t need to be an extreme athlete to be treated like one.

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