How to prevent heel slippage in running shoes…

Hi there. Chris Peake from the Zappos performance team. Today I’m going to show how to prevent slippage in the back of your heel in a running shoe. Now, here at Zappos, most of our running returns are actually on shoes where people’s heels are slipping and a lot of it can be helped from doing one of two simple things. One is already built into the shoe, and if that doesn’t work then there’s another technique in lacing that you can use to actually pull up the material in the back of the shoe to tighten the heel. So just because a shoe feels loose, doesn’t mean it’s the wrong fit.

Now, this is the Nike Zoom Vomero 4, and this is the shoe that I’m currently running in, so it’s pretty easy for me to talk about. Because I use the insole that goes on the inside of the shoe, my heel sits a little bit higher and my heel definitely slips out a little bit. Today I’m going to show you a really simple way to tighten your heel up. Now, most people think that you get this shoe, you lace it up, and you’re good to go. And then they find out that the heel slips a little bit and they forget that, or they don’t know that, they have this extra eyelet here on the back of the shoe that’s actually going to help you pull up the material on the back of the shoe to prevent your heel from slipping. So, we’re going to slip the shoe on, and again, most people think that this is the only opportunity you have to tighten up the heel. But if you actually look, the back eyelet, the second eyelet, it’s set back a little bit more. If we laced the shoe lace through this back eyelet, what this is going to do is pull up more material in the back of the shoe. So when we tighten it, you’re going to have a little tighter fit back there.

Now, if you don’t have that second eyelet back there, what you’re going to do is create a little loop using the first and second eyelet from the top just to create a little loop there. We’d do the same on both sides. And you’re going to take the medial lace and lace it through this little loop right here. See, you’re creating another eyelet. And then you do the same thing from the lateral to the medial. You pull this as tight as you need, and you can see that when I pull this it’s going to pull up material in the back of the shoe and give you a tighter fit through just the top of your instep. You can see that working in action. You just pull that as tight as you want to do it. If it turns out to be too tight you can just loosen it up, and you have a better fit in the back of the heel.