HOW I LOST 33 POUNDS!!! (Weight loss journey|| Chanel Vu)

Hey loves!! As you guys requested, I finally made a video about my weight loss. I tried my very best to keep everything SUPER SIMPLE for you guys! If you guys want me to go into more details about a certain subject, I will be happy to do that but please do let me know down the comment below! I am being 100% honest about everything I said, it was super easy for me to loose weight BUT it is hard for being consistent on this journey. If I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT TOO!!
Disclaimer: I am not a professional workout person, this is MY story, so please if you have any negative shit to say, keep it to yourself.
Here are the links that I use for my workout! (I love Hanna Oeberg, as you can see hahah) // Abs workout (I forgot to mention but overtime I work out, I try to do 10 minutes of workout at the end of each day) // Arms work out // Leg workout // My spirulina powder !!
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The cure for my acnes video!