One tip that I did to kick off my weight-loss journey (117 lbs lost)

Go ahead and do this challenge for one week !

Remember to weigh yourself just to track your progress. Its best to do it in the morning after waking up and using the restroom.

1. find your weaknesses or food that of course is unhealthy and that you pretty much consume everyday (snacks-processed foods) remember I had 3 (chips, candy and soda !)

2. As hard it might be IT CAN BE DONE ! let them go, stop consuming them for that 1 week ! its going to be tough but you can do it!

3. No hard exercises but of course some daily activity. if you exercise regularly thats fine but if you do not just some light walking or something.

4. Once that week is completed track your results

Remember to take it seriously so that everything goes right! if it worked for me it can work for you!
Educate yourself with nutrition and exercise
The key is to be consistent !!!!

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