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10 Tools Every Woodworker Should Own

Welcome back everyone!. This week I wanted to highlight 10 tools that I currently have in my shop that I think ever woodworker should not only know about, but should own. I often get asked about tools that I have, or get asked how I feel about certain tools. Now, most people that have either been following me or are subscribed to me know that I am a huge supporter of Festool. However, just because I use a lot of their tools, that does not mean that I do not have less expensive tools that are a necessity to my daily work in the shop. This video is my attempt to highlight some of those tools. I took some time to figure out what 10 things I would recommend people invest in that would help with overall efficiency and productivity in the shop.

If you want to find out more about the tools that I talk about in this video, or purchase them for your own shop, I will leave links below to all of these tools. To be clear, I am in no way sponsored by any of these companies, or backed by any company for that matter. I simply want to share with all of you what tools, that don’t cost an arm and a leg, have made the most drastic difference for me. These are all items that I truly believe in.

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Jason Bent

Kreg Set Up Blocks

Incra Tiny T

24″ Bessey Revo Clamp

Grex 23 Gauge Pin Nailer

Festool CXS Drill Set

Bahco Card Scraper

Jessem Clear Cut Stock Guides

Festool Miter saw Hold Down Clamp

Incra Guaranteed Square

Woodpeckers Square

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