Wood Work

Free Wood & How to Dry It for Woodworking in a Small Shop

Free wood is a cornerstone of my business model as I couldn’t be competitive with a 20-50% cost penalty. Plus using what’s available offers lots of diversity and fun experience. It doesn’t cost much more than a little knowledge, planning and patience to dry wood even in a small shop.

Referenced Videos:

20 Minute Bowl – https://youtu.be/hwu0R5a1QGc
Make a Kiln – https://youtu.be/Du5YGAtVL3k
Rough Turning – https://youtu.be/xYm8-taV998
Shelving – https://youtu.be/04cmpJsBzrk
Tree to Bowl – https://youtu.be/E6tCVQP1DDY
Tree Butchery – https://youtu.be/5zQsF9UrQ5Y

Wood and Moisture Relationships – Oregon State University (pdf download) – https://ir.library.oregonstate.edu/downloads/td96k297v

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