How to Turn a Failure into a Disaster | Woodworking Project

Making segmented pencil holders on the lathe and things didn’t turn out as planned.
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The original plan was to start off making a couple of pencil holders mainly out of red zebra wood and cutting 12 segment rings. Segmented rings is a very efficient use of wood when turning on the lathe as there isn’t much waste. This is especially critical when working with more expensive exotic woods like red zebra wood and cocobolo as we’re using in this project. The feature rings on the one pencil holder has plugs cut out of the the individual segments and filled in with a contrasting piece of wood and then another hole drilled into it and filled with blue pigment epoxy. Unfortunately during the turning process a couple of the plugs chipped out so we decided to hide that area with melted crayon. This is when things went terribly wrong and the whole piece ended up getting covered in colorful crayon. On the second pencil holder I decided to add some visual texture and used a rotary tools to create little divots filled with red paint. Even though these two pencil holders didn’t come out as I planned it was a fun woodworking experiment and I can use a few of the techniques in upcoming projects.

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