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Woodworking Rabbit Holes – Friday Live

00:01:35 – Hey everybody, it’s Friday Live!

00:02:40 – Is a floor model drill press worth the investment or would a benchtop suffice?

00:04:25 – Any new guild giveaways for June?

00:05:04 – How do you know what side should be pins and which should be tails when making dovetails?


00:08:50 – What’s the wedge jig under the hammers behind you?

00:09:50 – Any chance of an updated shop tour?

00:11:05 – Any plans on doing inlays or marketry?

00:13:25 – Have you ever questioned your choice on sharing 220 circuits?

00:15:25 – What would you recommend for a sharpening system for lathe tools?


00:17:07 – What angle do you sharpen your low angle planes? Do you need a micro bevel on them?

00:18:43 – Do the turning videos cover how to avoid work piece explosions while on the lathe?

00:19:53 – Any plans to come out to the east coast?

00:21:15 – Making a circular dining table…how big should I make the leg if it’s going to be a singular pedestal leg?

00:23:15 – Do your scrapers come pre-sharpened?

00:25:00 – If you had to pick your favorite square, which one would it be?

00:25:50 – Do you have an update on your rubber flooring tiles?

00:33:28 – When building a round table, how would you keep the table flat?

00:38:00 – Are horse stall mats a viable alternative to the rubber flooring?

00:40:25 – Any plans on doing a double chest of drawers in a shaker or craftsman style?

00:41:50 – Any chance on a new finish comparison video?

00:43:25 – Is there a huge difference between Epifanes and Total Boat’s lust varnish?

00:46:25 – Do you differ from Tried and True’s application process at all?

00:48:25 – Can you remove wax from a finished product and apply poly?

00:49:45 – Is MDF ok for a workbench top?

00:50:50 – What’s your opinion on integrating a downdraft table into your assembly table?

00:53:13 – How can you minimize the visibility of glue lines?

00:58:00 – What was your local source for hardwood when living in Temecula?

00:59:25 – Should I kerf my cherry boards before gluing up my herringbone table top to a plywood substrate?

01:02:55 – While making the bridle joint for the gaming dining table, the mortise side collapsed…how can it be fixed?

01:05:55 – Guild Project winner – congratulations Ben!

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