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“Level Up” by Ciara – Dance2Fit with Jessica (See What Live Stream is like)

*** Front Facing Video will be available in 2-3 weeks with 2 special guest!!! This is just to show you what you’re missing from Live Stream!!
***BTW Live Stream is Front Facing view!!!

Try our Live Stream, if you love Youtube this is so much better!!!!! We have a 7 day free trial right now!!! it will push you to go the hardest you can and you can do it anytime and unlimited!!!! I will also give you a break down of the new dances & talk you all the way through each dance. After that if you choose to keep Live Stream its only $20 for 40 different workouts a month! Its like your right in class with me and you get the songs that are on the radio and a lot of dances that aren’t on youtube! Just try it out!!! You’ll love it!!!! www.dancefitnesswithjessicabass.com/livestream/

DFWJ exclusive membership

Now you can jump start your workout dancing with Me in the comfort of your own home via LiveStream! Not only do you get to dance to all the music you love and My fun routines, but you also get to feel the energy of the class I teach in Knoxville, TN. These classes really are live and un-edited. It is a class where you see all types of people working hard, sweating and having a blast. You’ll quickly see that its not about you getting the routine perfect on the first try, the idea is to get moving and excited about working out.

When you become a member, you get access to the Live stream classes, OnDemand videos so you never miss a class, dance tutorials, a support community, diet and training tips, workout music, never before seen content and so much more! You can also view these classes anytime & unlimited!!!!

Supported devices:

Thankfully with technology these days you can access our website from any computer, web browser, mobile device, tablet and most gaming consoles. With that being said, our Live stream class can also be accessed via multiple devices including mobile and tablets. Via LiveStreams app you can directly access Dance Fitness with Jessica live. When you become a member, you will see your access code in your members area. You can then stream your class to your TV using Chrome Cast or Apple TV. It truly makes accessability very easy and convenient.

Join now for only $20 a month: https://www.dancefitnesswithjessica.com/livestream/

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