Short Zumba Workout 1

Note: I do not own copyrights to any music used
1. Workin’ Day and Night — Michael Jackson (warm up) Epic Records
2. We Run the Place– Watatah (merengue) ZIN Volume 70
3. Roxanne– ZIN Volume 70 (bachata )
4. One Drop– Qq (reggaeton) Partly based on Choreography by ZIN Chrissy Lynn
5. Viva Colombia– Jeison el Brother (salsa/ cumbia fusion) (Choreography NOT mine, but I do not know who choreographed it. I got this routine from ZIN Myra Drayton)
6. Dance Like Yo Daddy– Meghan Trainor (Top 40)
7. Havana– Camila Cabello– (cha cha) (Credit for the beginning of this routine goes to Youtuber Ako Z Victor)
8. Good to Be Alive– Meghan Trainor (cool down) (heavily borrowed from the one and only ZES Loretta Bates, circa May 2017)