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Youngblood Easy Choreo Dancefit/ Zumba/ Cardio Workout 5 Seconds of summer

t took a while to get Youngblood (5 seconds of summer) where we wanted it, but we are happy with this version for a Dancefit/ Zumba/ Cardio workout class. Seriously we changed it 50 times! We found a minute in our beach vacation to film it, and we love the added gorgeous background for this one. Why can’t we just live on the beach already!

I (Ty) almost didn’t post this one and almost refilmed it at home. I wasn’t happy with how my body looked on vaca (bloated much), and crazy hair and no make up when we filmed. But I am a big advocate of accepting your body, and to stop striving towards ridiculous standards of perfection that we are all supposed to strive for. I’ve had 4 kids (including a 10.5 pounder!) and I try to be good with what a natural human body looks like. We don’t have to cake on the make up to be beautiful.

So now I’ve totally pulled your attention to my belly as we dance (sorry) but I just want all our followers to quit thinking that they have to have some stupid shape that society tells you to have. Be you – be sexy. You are sexy!! Accept yourself and then stop thinking of yourself and serve others. Exercise to be healthy, to be strong, to get a few new moves in the bedroom:).

Hey make sure to comment below on what you love (or didn’t love) about our dances. It helps to get feedback so that we can keep improving with each video. Don’t forget to subscribe and then ring the bell to be the first to get notified right when we have a new video out. .
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