Zumba Workouts

ZUMBA Aerobics DANCE – Lose belly fat fast & safe, best exercises for losing weight

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This is the BEST way to lose those stubborn belly fat fast and safe.

Zumba is a Colombian fitness program created by Pietro Pérez in the 1990s, and is based on Latin dance and aerobics. About 16 million people receive weekly classes in Zumba in 20,000 places in more than 160 countries around the world.

It started in 1990 and was played by Colombian Alberto Perez, a Latin dance group representing Latin dance groups (Samba-Salsa-Riqueton-Compia-Meringi-Billy Dance), one of the fastest-growing types of exercise in the world. A group of dances for each dance a certain design on the rhythm of Latin melodies and the zumba can burn between 450 to 800 calories per hour, in addition to it eliminates depression and tension

List of clothing and equipment for zumba programs:
It has a lot of things but the main factor for choosing clothes is the complete comfort during the exercise of the zumba as a sport or physical program that requires high effort and thus get the best results. The companies producing the zumba equipment have done a great deal of research to reach the best products. For example, Zumba clothing fabrics should be sweat absorbent and at the same time have the ability to pass the air to the body. Therefore, the pores will not be closed either in the shoes or in the shoes. Basically, there are many products that are specially produced for the zumba, or it is possible to wear clothes and shoes for other sports, taking into consideration the subject of comfort and protection.

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