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Its very important to enjoy what you do so here is a #Zumba Dance #Workout with me for beginners!
So the #WorkoutPlan for this week will be:
Tuesday:Follow this Routine One(1) time With rep each sets 2 times.
Wednesday:Follow this Routine One (1)time With rep each sets 3 times.
Thursday :Follow this Routine Two(2) times With rep each sets 3 times.
Friday:Follow this Routine Two(2) times With rep each sets 4 times.
Saturday :Follow this Routine Three(3) times With rep each sets 4 times.
Sunday :Rest Day

This workout plan is very effective and has been tried and tested on my 1000s of students everyday so i hope you will find it useful as well .

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Somya 🙂

Somya Luhadia is a certified Zumba instructor from ZUMBA LLC, CALIFORNIA ,& proud member of International Council of Dance , UNESCO.All the information provided on this channel will be true & experimented with 1000s women & girls everyday along with being based on in Depth research & studies .

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