Zumba Inspired Belly Dance To Get A Flat Stomach | Fitness With Sucheta Pal

The most problematic area for most women to lose weight is the belly. When we met with Sucheta Pal (Zumba Education Specialtst/ Master Trainer India), we asked her if there was anything she could show us that would help get rid of the annoying tummy bulge. The result was this super fun Belly Dance workout, not only is it sexy and graceful but it also helps to lose weight fast!

I actually gave it a shot, and enjoyed myself throughly. The song is high energy and wanted me to keep dancing ( and I am the laziest person ever)! What a fun way to work off the fat, I definitely recommend everyone give this a try.

Keep your core engaged, and let those hips swayyy!

We have a lot more videos with Sucheta coming up so stay tuned for more! If you enjoyed this workout and would like us to do more of these leave us a comment below.

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Monica Shah

(Beauty Editor, Glamrs)